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Erin Gatrell, MS

I always knew I needed to be in a role where I'm helping people from a young age, and that feeling solidified when I took my first psychology class in college and loved it. I am also a foster/adoptive mom. I've fostered 9 children over the last 12 years and my husband and I were blessed to be able to adopt 3 of them. In my free time I'm usually with my family, going places and giving my children as many positive life experiences as possible. I also love to craft, so if I'm out shopping I'm most likely at Hobby Lobby! Reading and learning as much as possible is very important to me, I'm always researching something.I started in an inpatient psychiatric setting, worked with hospice, and later worked as a play therapist. I've enjoyed the variety of experience I've been able to have, and having broad experience in different settings makes me a better counselor.

My path in life has led me to a place where I want to work with and help people dealing with medical issues/injuries and grief. I am a breast cancer survivor and have firsthand experience in understanding those dealing with complicated medical issues. I try to always keep a positive outlook on life, even when it's very hard. I want my clients to be able to let go of some of the heaviness life gives us, to refocus and see all the beauty there is in this life. If you are feeling weighed down, let down, or just tired of dealing with this on your own, give me a call.

  • MS in Professional Counseling, 2012