Change: An Invitation

by Michele Miller Change is tough, even when we choose it. How do we cope, adapt, and grow through change? I’m asking myself this very thing. I recently moved to Michigan. It was a move I chose, prepared for, and anticipated. I have mixed emotions about this change I sought…I can admit to a few tears, regrets, and sadness. I’ll also admit to feeling excited, open, and strong. When I’m in a good place, I can reframe the tough stuff as “an opportunity to strengthen my coping skills” and when I’m not, I struggle with my doubts. selection of our new aromatherapy candles How do you respond to change? Do you seek it out, do you run from it, anticipate it, avoid it, fear it, or all the above? I’m an all-the-above gal depending on my mood, amount of sleep, nutrition, exercise, etc. My self-talk plays a big part in how I’m doing as well. What I tell myself about what’s going on is HUGE! It influences all those areas, so I’m learning to look at my self-talk when I feel down. I catch myself defaulting to the automatic responses, the things I’ve always done when faced with change, and winding up surprised at results…silly right? I ask myself (when I can remember) “What’s the story you’re telling yourself about XYZ?” Often by doing that I can reframe the situation for myself and change what I say about change. Yep, it’s possible! If you need support through change we can help, and we would love to hear from you! Message us on social media or on our website: (Pictured: Our new aromatherapy candles!)