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Children and Adolescent Therapy

What age can my child start therapy?

We welcome children of all ages. However, the two first years of a child’s life is constantly changing and developing. A difficult time could be just a phase in which the child is developing new skills. By age 2, your child will be better able to participate in and gain from therapy.

Who attends therapy?

Parents or guardians are an essential tool for the child to have positive results in therapy.

For adolescents 14 years old and up, the therapist will provide the option for the teen to attend therapy alone or with their parents/guardians. However, this does not mean that the caregivers would not be involved in the therapy process. The therapist will determine the most beneficial approach according to the child’s needs.

What happens in therapy?

Working with children or adolescents requires different approaches. Expect to have conversations, play games, do art, learn new skills, and even do physical activities. Different ways of expression can bring positive changes in the child and in the whole family.

What are indicators that my child might benefit from therapy?

  • Your child is having difficulty with their feelings more than other kids their age
  • Daily life activities such as eating, sleeping, playing, or school are getting harder for the child or the whole family
  • Your child struggles to make and maintain friendships or getting along with their siblings
  • The problem started after a stressful or traumatic event took place
  • Things are not getting any better and the problem is getting worse
  • Your child is showing a lot of physical aggression
  • Your child seems to be getting affected by you and your partner’s relational problems

What kind of problems does Whole & Holy can help your child or adolescent?

  • Family Problems
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Emotional Expression and Regulation
  • Conditions such as:
    • ADD / ADHD
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • ODD
    • Trauma-Related disorders