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Darlanna Meckley, MSW, LSW

As an extroverted introvert, I love bringing energy into the room and smiles to faces, and work to see the good in every situation. I live with my husband, two bonus children, their two dogs, and some awesome fish. Volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America keeps me busy. I enjoy helping young adults reach for their dreams while learning values and critical survival skills. When unwinding from the busy hustle and bustle, you can find me running with the dogs or kicking the soccer ball with the kids. I love all things art and enjoy learning new things.

I recently finished a Master of Social Work at Walden University after receiving my BSW from Shippensburg University. I have been working with clients with diverse backgrounds in different settings for over 10 years, including children, teens, families, mothers, and older adults. I plan to work with veterans, service members, and their families to serve those who have served.

Everyone has a story; I am passionate about helping others see their true selves while assisting them in overcoming struggles. I am dedicated to learning effective therapies and skills to do just that.