Life has a funny way of bringing what you need at just the right time.  Has that kind of thing happened in your life? When something or someone comes into your life unexpectedly and you find yourself surprised and a little undone at the rightness and timing of it?  What do you find yourself doing with those moments?  When I remember,  -I use contemplation-being with the moment or series of moments on purpose and with the intention to notice what they offer me. Often that noticing comes as feelings, sensations in my body, ideas, thoughts, and new awareness.  -I also use meditation, writing, photography, and talking about it to solidify the moments into something I can use when times get tough.  -The nice thing about the tools I use is that they can be comingled or used by themselves…as many or few as you like. I am trying to expand my capacity for gratitude, for noticing and responding to it… I often forget to be grateful. I forget to enjoy the good things. I want to be more intentional with my practice of gratitude.  I want to notice the small goodnesses of everyday and acknowledge them, hold them in my heart, and invite the presence of gratitude into my day.  If you would like a space to learn how to recognize the moments in your life where the light of gratitude could shine, we can help. I’m grateful for you.  (Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash)