Holding Hope

It's easy for most of us to feel more hopeful this time of year. For some, especially this year. Not only are the flowering trees and spring flowers blooming in all their glory, but the availability of and actually getting the vaccine for many is a "shot of hope" as the Wellspan advertising proclaims. Sometimes it isn't so easy. Many come to therapy because they are losing their grip on hope. Holding on to hope can feel like gripping the cliff edge with one's fingernails or nailing Jello to a tree. And, while coming to therapy can feel like an admission of weakness or failure, it's really an expression of hope. One comes believing, at least a little, that things can be different, change and healing are possible. I believe there is always hope. Hope is one of our most powerful tools. ("Our" meaning everyone.) Hope has the ability to change our perspective. Hope allows seeds (of change, new possibilities) space to grow. And hope is contagious. Putting ourselves in the right company, company that inspires and encourages us, allows us to catch it. We can't live and thrive without hope. One of our most important roles as therapists is to hold on to that hope for those that are struggling. This has been a challenging winter and year for almost all of us. If it feels like your hope is slipping through your fingers like beach sand, please reach out. Find a hope "mentor." Call a therapist. Put yourself in a community of hope.