So why the dandelion?

That was the question when I showed my friend potential logo designs (done by a wonderful freelance designer, whose info I’d be delighted to share). Actually, it was the idea of the designer, not something in my head at all. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but the more I thought about it the more I liked it.

So why the dandelion?

Dandelions for many of us are the weeds we love to hate. They are persistent, resilient, and unbelievably prolific. Unlike the cheery sign of robins returning to the north, those bright yellow flowers are greeted with weed killer and the plotting of vegetative destruction.

If we’re honest, though, few of us don’t smile at the sight of a child delightedly blowing dandelion fluff to the wind, and some of us secretly want to do the same (if the neighbors with the perfect lawn aren’t watching).

So, the dandelion.

Surprise! A fitting symbol of healing and wholeness. (It’s been said many times, God uses the most unlikely candidates.)

Did you know dandelions are not just lawn deformities but have healthy properties? Dandelion greens and roots have lots of nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber, among other things. These weeds are actually good for us. (Read a bit more here...)

And the things we love to hate are the things we need to be whole: resilience to weather the storms and dry periods of life, and persistence in holding on to the goal of wholeness in the face of difficulties. We also need to be everywhere, or at least out there, out in the world connecting with others, not hiding in dark corners and hoarding our seeds.

So why the dandelion? What better symbol of health, of healthful and helpful qualities, and hope. If the lowly dandelion has all that…

I’d love to see more dandelions. If you are interested, curious, or even just want to argue about the value of dandelions, call/email/message me on Facebook. I look forward to the conversation.