Wrapping It Up

It's been (another) year, hasn't it? Most of us have had our fill of challenges. But, we've also had successes. Many of us have had trouble in our closest relationships or even lost them. Hopefully, we have found comfort or even grown closer in others. The anxiety all around us hasn't changed much, and we are running on fumes in many ways. But, we have found that we can survive and even perhaps thrive as we learn new coping skills or expand in ways we'd never have though we could. I usually say "We don't like big 'buts.'" In this case, the "buts" are important. For these last few days of 2021, I invite you to look back over your lessons learned, your successes, your growth, your blessings. I guarantee you they are there. And they are important to carry into the new year. For the new year, we at Whole and Holy wish you more growth, better relationships, and of course, peace and joy. (Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash)