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Holiday help

Has holiday prep stressed you? Whole and Holy can help.

Stressed yet? I mean, why would you feel stressed? Some of you might still be recovering from Thanksgiving and have a family hangover. Some of you might have gone Black Friday shopping and blown next year’s budget already. And have you seen the traffic? Those prices? Did you get that year-end report done yet? For all that we talk about...[ read more ]

Holiday heartache?

Holiday heartache? Whole and Holy offers couples therapy.

This time of year can be tough. Never mind all the “normal reasons” – year end stuff at work, the stress of travel or shopping – this time of year can also mean you are struggling with your spouse or partner. This year may have been really hard on your relationship, due to the “I” word (inflation), or job changes/losses,...[ read more ]

Should I see an intern?

Whole and Holy is here to support your mental welllness.

  You’ve made the decision to enter therapy. Now comes the next hard part – deciding on a therapist. You look on a directory, or do a search and find some likely websites. As you scroll through the staff on a group practice site, you see someone listed as “intern.” Or, when you call to arrange therapy, the intake coordinator...[ read more ]

Do you want to get well?

At Whole and Holy we help you be well.

Jesus spoke these words to a “certain man” waiting by the pool at Bethsaida (John 5:6). I think we hear these words and think, “Well, duh!” Especially in this case – this man had been at the well for 38 years! Of course we want to get well! No one really wants to be sick or not feel good, physically,...[ read more ]

A video by any other name…

You can do therapy from almost anywhere, including your kitchen.

Telehealth, teletherapy, virtual therapy, online therapy… You might see different names depending on who you talk to or where you are (kind of like soda vs. pop). They are all terms for the same thing – meeting with your therapist using audio or video instead of in person. But you probably knew that. It’s become a staple of healthcare since...[ read more ]

Using insurance, part 2

Not the catchiest title, I know. I want to talk a little more about using insurance for mental health care. Joy gave some excellent insight into what you need to know about the process of using your benefits. I want to give you some cautions. With all the recent media coverage of mental health, not to mention the events of...[ read more ]

Using your insurance for mental health

You’ve made the decision to schedule a counseling session.  You make the call.  The next pressing question on your mind is, “Do you take my insurance?” and “Will my insurance cover this?”   These are good questions.  The interesting answer is that just as each individual is unique, similarly, insurance plans are generalizable but quite unique as well.  Let’s take “Joe's...[ read more ]

Why the dandelion? – revisited

We at Whole and Holy can help you be resilient and grow like a dandelion.

It's been a few years since I began this journey. The practice has grown beyond me to two more awesome therapists and an amazing office manager. Sometimes it's helpful to go back and remember why we began our journeys and what we were thinking/hoping/dreaming. So back (with a few edits) we go to this first blog post our site. In...[ read more ]

Is your relationship prepared for retirement?

Whole and Holy can help you prepare your relationship for retirement.

How prepared are you (or were you) for retirement? Unless it was forced on you by your employer or health reasons (which unfortunately happens too often), you’ve probably spent a few years planning and organizing for those hopefully more relaxed years of your life. You crunched numbers, talked to others, and dreamed what you might do with that free time....[ read more ]

You’ve decided to schedule therapy…

We are ready to help you at Whole and Holy

You've decided to prioritize your mental health. Good for you! Now you need to schedule. Scheduling a therapy appointment takes a lot of emotional energy.  And if you’re thinking about scheduling one, most likely you’re in an “emotional energy crisis” of some sort to begin with.   So, as the scheduler, or intake coordinator, let me share a few things...[ read more ]

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